Ten Black Dots

Cost: $40

TEN BLACK DOTS by Donald Crews includes the following learning tasks: numbers and counting, one-to-one correspondence, using shapes, using simple graphs, tangram introductions, puzzles, money value introductions.


Paperback book:  Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews

Ten Black Dots – Reading the Story
Ten Black Dots Graph – laminated
55 black dots  and numbers 1-10- laminated

Activity #1:  Make-a-counting Page
Counting page with ten numbered blocks template
Counting pictures template

Activity #2:  Ten Black Dots Music & Movement
2 pages of large dots (groups of 1-6 dots) – laminated

Activity #3:  Storytelling with a tangram
Ten black dots tangram – laminated

Activity #4:  Money Tangram folder
Includes instructions, money questions, laminated tangram pieces

Activity #5:  Tangram Puzzle Pictures folder
Includes instructions, pictures, and laminated tangram pieces

Early Learning Standards and Common Core Connections
•    Early Learning Standards for Mathematics  2014
•    “I Can” Core Statements (Kindergarten Math)