Inch by Inch

Cost: $45

Inch by Inch Learning tasks included in this curriculum:  early literacy, vocabulary, comprehension, fine motor, standard and non-standard measurements, spatial sense, estimations, reasoning and problem solving, comparisons, creative art, natural science, science extensions and discovery.


Paperback book: Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni

Page 3-4 
Inch by Inch – Reading the Story

Page 5  
Emerald/Inchworm picture page

Page 6-12
Inch by Inch bird pictures and interesting facts

Page 13
Measure the Birds graph

Page 14-16
Activities #1-6 includes:
(Inchworm measuring, What’s the Temperature?, Comparing Inchworms,
Making a bird nest, Learn about Birds, What is an Inchworm? Feeding birds)

Page 17
Inchworm rulers

Page 18-19
What’s the Temperature graphs #2 and #3

Page 20-23
Natural Science Discovery pages
(worms, caterpillars, moths, butterflies)

Page 24
Activity #7: Color page instructions

Page 25-31 
Bird coloring pages

Early Learning Standards in Science
Common Core Science Statements