I Went Walking

Cost: $35.00

Learning tasks included in this curriculum:  multiple intelligence-based activities, early literacy, color identification, color word identification, sequencing, gross motor, fine motor, following simple game rules, turn taking, following directions, repeated word recognition.


Book:  I Went Walking by Sue Williams

Literacy and Color Identification:

I Went Walking—Reading the Story – 2 pages

Word Strips

Green Duck-green construction paper

Black Cat-black construction paper

Yellow Dog-yellow construction paper

Pink Pig-pink construction paper

Brown Horse-brown construction paper

Note:  each page also has the name of the animal to be cut out and taped to a 3×5 card.

Make-a-book Activity

Pictures for the make-a-book

Word page for make-a-book

Gross Motor and Fine Motor:

Gross Motor and Music & Movement Activities

Fine Motor Skills Activities

Dress the child – cardstock doll and clothes

Follow the lines to draw a cat

Follow the lines to draw a duck

Down on the Farm board game:

Game board – cardstock

Playing cards to be cut out – cardstock

To the new owner of  CHILDREN’S WORK BOX curriculums:

Welcome!  Let me tell you a little about the I Went Walking curriculum.

Activities for children are measured as beginning learners, intermediate learners, and experienced learners.  Each child learns at their own pace.  By giving them opportunity to learn at the level they are able to understand, children will learn a concept with a positive approach.  They will be eager to learn the next step as you scaffold each activity to fit their ability to learn a more complex concept.

All children do not learn the same way.  Some children learn best with activities such as doing puzzles and mazes, drawing and painting, or having stories read to them.  Other children learn by putting things together and taking them apart, art projects, designing and building.  Others learn with music and moving to music, sports, and being able to physically touch things.  Some children enjoy the social interaction of cooperative group activities like games, circle times, and interactive activities.  I have included activities that focus on various ways children learn in this story box.

I have included a very simple board game to be used to introduce board game rules and how board games work.  It is made to easily lay flat on a table with fun-tac, mounting putty, or tape to keep it in place.  After a child becomes familiar with how board games work, try adding other games such as Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders.

Just as children love to play board games over and over, they like to repeat many activities.  Feel free to repeat activities in this story box as often as children enjoy them.  By repeating activities, children become proficient learners.

After I have read I Went Walking at story time, I put it in the classroom library along with the animal and word props.  They are sturdy and can take the wear and tear of being used by children independently.

I hope you find the curriculum easy to use and helpful as you educate your children.

If I can be of further service, please feel free to contact me.