All About The Alphabet

Cost: $175.00

Early literacy tasks included in this curriculum:  Identifying and using letter sounds, matching letters, identifying upper and lower case printed letters, cooperation in playing games, letter shapes and directionality, and fine motor and print development.


Leap Frog’s The Letter Factory DVD (front pocket)  

Table of Contents            To the new Owner of All About the Alphabet

Sample Schedule 

Includes: Monthly guide for one school year and

Interactive Attendance Board Introduction

Introduction to Learning the Alphabet

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom paperback book

Activity #1 – My Name Tree

Laminated Tree and coconut circles,

Templates for future years of use

The Letters are Lost

The Letters are Lost paperback book

The Letters are Lost: How to Read the Story

Laminated story props (pictures and words-4 pages)

Laminated Shadow Cards (6 pages)

Activity #2 – Help the Letters Puzzles (2 puzzles)

Activity #3 – Alphabet Bingo

Eating the Alphabet

Eating the Alphabet – paperback book

Activity #4 –  4 laminated Dot-to-dot Alphabet Puzzles

Mini Alphabet Stories:

Mini Alphabet Stories: How to Read the Story

27 pages of mini-stories, cardstock letters, and CD bundled separately

Activity #5 – Daily ABC Chart and Letters

Attendance Board Updated

Activity #6 – Changes to Interactive Attendance Board

Albert’s Alphabet

Albert’s Alphabet paperback book

Activity #7 – Construct the Alphabet

Laminated alphabet pieces

Templates for future years of use

Icky Bug Alphabet Book  

Icky Bug Alphabet Book paperback book

Activity #8 – Ladybug Alphabet Game

3 laminated pages alphabet ladybugs

Templates for future years of use

Printing Practice  

Activity #9 – Printing Practice and Writing Prompt  (2 separate sets)