A Splendid Friend Indeed

Cost: $45

Learning tasks included in this curriculum:  social play skills, sharing, friendships, early literacy, matching words to pictures, fine motor, pre-writing, color identification, introduction to color words.


Book:  A Splendid Friend Indeed by Suzanne Bloom

Early Literacy:

A Splendid Friend Indeed – Reading the Story together

Extra picture book – part of story props

Circle Time Conversation

Extended Activity (social play)

Early Literacy Activity:

Make-a-book for early learners

Make-a-book for intermediate and experienced learners

Article:  Social Play Skills

Article:  Bridging the Stages of Play

Fine Motor Skills: 

Follow the dots to complete the goose

Follow the dots to complete the bear

Can you help bear find goose? (Level 1)

Can you help bear find goose? (Level 2)

Can you help bear find goose? (Level 3)

Can you help bear find goose? (Level 4)

Note: each level raises the difficulty of following the path

Color Classification:

Placemats in 6 primary colors

Utensils and tableware to be cut out and used with placemats

Two cookies to be used for storytelling props

To the new owner of  CHILDREN’S WORK BOX  curriculums:

Welcome!  Let me tell you a little about the  A Splendid Friend Indeed curriculum.

Activities for children are measured as beginning learners, intermediate learners, and experienced learners.  Each child learns at their own pace.  By giving them opportunity to learn at the level they are able to understand, children will learn a concept with a positive approach.  They will be eager to learn the next step as you scaffold each activity to fit their ability to learn a more complex concept.

Children in my classroom enjoyed repeating the story and activities often.  After reading A Splendid Friend Indeed for story time, I would put it in my classroom library for further reading opportunities.  That old saying, “Practice makes perfect” has merit when it comes to reading skills and learning new concepts.  So repeat the story and activities as often as the children are interested.

If a child was challenged with learning a concept and needed more practice, I would choose one of the activities and work with them one-on-one for about 2 minutes each day during free play until they mastered that particular concept.

I have included two articles I put together to help professionals have a quick reference for social play skills and bridging play skills from one level to a higher level.  Children need to be able to increase their ability to play with other children as they grow.

I hope you find the curriculum easy to implement and enjoyable for the children whether in a large classroom setting, small group of children, or with one child.

If I can be of further services, please feel free to contact me.