Story Box Success

I started creating story boxes to organize and save educational activities that were successful in helping children learn who were challenged with language barriers, special needs, learning disabilities, lack of social skills, and major stresses in their young lives. My classroom consisted of multi-age groups of children with a huge span of learning skills.

I particularly remember a little boy who had anger issues. I found myself spending my time trying to manage his behaviors and very little time was spent on learning. But I stumbled across a few favorite toys and hobbies he loved. I created enticing literacy bags with good books and the hobbies or toys became story props. I added a few educational activities for active learners. He LOVED the bags!!! I made a bargain with him. If he could control 2 specific behaviors during class, he could take a story bag home with him. It worked!! That little boy is entering middle school and doing well.

Another 4 year old boy was challenged with asperger’s syndrome. He was particularly fascinated with trains. I got busy making special story bags with books about trains. All kinds of trains were in those bags. That 4 year old learned how to print his first and last name in upper and lower case letters on the side of a train activity. He learned all his colors and the color words in upper and lower case letters on the side of a train. And Thomas the Train became the learning train for learning the numbers to 10 and printing them correctly. The story bags were so special to him that all the other children thought they had to be special for them, too! We had quite the class of train enthusiasts for some time.

Children with language barriers came to love taking home story bags. They all had favorites, but all language learners had to be able to tell me which story bag they wanted and they had to name the items inside. Then they could take a story bag home. And children with specific learning difficulties would work very hard on those challenging skills just to take a story bag home.

There were many children in my classroom who learned skills easily. They, too, loved the story bags and would go lickety-split through as many as I could supply! Almost all of those children excel in school.

Those story bags ended up becoming story boxes after years of adding materials to fit the needs of many children. It is my desire to share story boxes with educators, day care providers, and parents who can use them as a tool for educating children. And I hope you and the children you serve will find the story boxes as exciting as the children did in my classroom.