Story Box Curriculums

Why Story boxes??

As an educator, imagine starting your planning time for your classroom with an organized shelf of story boxes, making your planning and teaching efficient and effective. Efficient because you are not spending time trying to search out developmentally appropraite activities to complement stories read during the day. And effective because the educational activities are measured as beginning learners, intermediate learners, and experienced learners so each child can learn at their own pace. By giving children opportunity to learn at the level they are able to understand, children will learn a concept with a positive outcome. They will be eager to take the next step in learning as you scaffold them through the variety of leveled activities.

Children’s Work Box story boxes provide practitioners with developmentally appropriate curriculums for children’s learning…..what children should be able to learn and do…..while recognizing that all children develop at different rates. Our story boxes support the goal of creating standards-based education for children.

Preschools, daycare providers, and parents would find the story boxes especially beneficial in providing an excellent, well-rounded curriculum ready to use. The introductions for each learning activity within the curriculum is carefully planned and directions are easy to follow. The learning skills range from early learners to experienced learners which makes the curriculums useable for children ages 2 – 6 (approximately).

Each story box is complete with a book, props, and an educational curriculum with a focus on reading readiness skills, fine motor and pre-writing skills, mathematical skills, color identification, and much more. The curriculums are easy to use and enjoyable for children whether in a large classroom setting, a small group of children, or with one child in the comfort of a home.

We provide free storytelling sessions, both audio and video, on our Storytelling page.   Children can discover all kinds of wonderful adventures between the covers of a good book!